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Beta 2.0 Press Release

Beta 2.0 Press Release Unveils Independent eBookstore Featuring “Read Before You Pay” Business Model

Premium Compensation for Authors, Reader Determined Pricing and Unlimited Copying/Sharing Sets New Precedent in eBook Publishing

Warsaw, Poland – February 18, 2015 – Independent eBookstore today reveals its revolutionary online destination where readers read first, then decide how much they want to pay based on what they feel a book is worth and how much they can afford. The majority of payment proceeds is being passed directly to the author. is the first online retailer ever that not only allows unlimited copying and sharing of eBooks but also encourage users to do so. This model places publishing power back in the hands of the writers and purchasing power directly in the hands of booklovers. The groundbreaking publishing platform is currently in closed beta with user-feedback playing an integral role in shaping it for official launch. Those interested in trying can sign up for closed beta at

By providing an open copying/sharing policy and a value-based pricing model, offers booklovers the freedom to discover great new reads without having to commit any money or fill out any registration forms. With one simple click, a reader can download an eBook to their device as an EPUB, MOBI or PDF file, read the book and pay for it using the payment link embedded in the eBook. Readers can then make copies to send to friends and continue spreading great literature from’s rapidly growing indie author community.

For authors, provides fair compensation for their work and creativity, earning them a 70 percent share from net revenue sales, while maintaining all rights to their properties. With easy eBook copying and sharing, authors have the opportunity for the first time to earn money from non-ecommerce sources as every eBook comes with an embodied payment link, allowing readers to pay for any book given to them by friends. The more popular their book, the more an author can make. Additionally, offers promotional support and eliminates enrollment periods to create easy self-publishing.

"I read quite a lot during my travels and I meet a lot of people with whom I wanted to share books I thought were interesting, but I could only send them a link to make a purchase,” said Founder Michal Kicinski. “I wasn’t sure if they liked the book I recommended and it all seemed too complicated. In fact even more complicated than simply giving a copy of a paper book. We call it progress, but I think it’s a regress. That’s why we decided to start, to shake up the outdated and arrogant eBook distribution model and make sharing books easier and beneficial for both readers and writers."

After extensive closed beta testing, is now available as a closed beta 2.0 version and will work on computers, e-readers and tablets. Since beta 1.0 alpha, has improved usability and added a bevy of features thanks to community feedback, including bestseller and recommendation book tags, as well as community contents such as user reviews and book discussion threads.

More information about is available at the website or on Twitter and Facebook. Those interested in staying up-to-date on news can also sign up for the newsletter at the website.

A press kit is available here.

About is a self-publishing service and retailing platform for creative writers and eBook authors. We are introducing a revolutionary transaction model to the publishing market by giving control back to authors and freedom back to readers.

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