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“A Path to Wisdom”, by Tony Jeton Selimi

“A Path to Wisdom”, by Tony Jeton Selimi

Born in Macedonia, in a little town called Gostivar, Tony lived on a farm with his sisters and grandparents. His parents owned a restaurant in Bosnia and spent most of their time working hard, far away. As a 7-year-old starting school, he already knew how to cook, milk the cows and sell the produce from the farm. At the same time he knew three languages and was learning how to repair home equipment from reading manuals. When he was 10, he became very sick and ended up in hospital with multiple illnesses for many months.  

During his childhood he saw a lot of injustice, physical and emotional abuse and discrimination. But he somehow knew that he shouldn’t have to endure such things. Moreover, he felt that he came into this world with a mission to do great things - to end suffering and help people and give them love. First off, he helped his neighbors by repairing their TVs, and later, when he was in hospital, he asked God to give him a manual so that he could heal people and reunite them with their loved ones.

During the civil war in former Yugoslavia, Tony was forced to join the army. He saw many atrocities that left him scarred for life. He lost friends and family, and ultimately ended up as an immigrant on the streets of London. But with his attitude, this difficult experience developed into a great breakthrough. In his book he describes how it happened. He writes that his life made him to look for teachers, healers and coaches to help him find solutions to the challenges he was going through. He accumulated a lot of tools and wisdom over the years, and (how could it be otherwise) he decided to share this with others. Today he works as a renowned coach, powerful healer and writer.

He says in one of his interviews:

Years of personal development, reflecting and working with the world’s best teachers helped me to understand everything that I was experiencing from much a higher perspective than the one I was experiencing. (…) In my book I talk in much more depth about how everything we do, think, say, or feel, has an impact on who we are at each moment in time. I take the readers on a journey so that they too can come to that space in which they are aware of the subconscious choices that sabotage their reality.

Tony believes that we’re all part of the changing universe. There isn’t an option to think otherwise when you consider all the tools we have that we can use to empower ourselves.

Everywhere I travel I see more and more people turn to spiritual practices to help them deal with the demands of their daily lives.

In his book, he shows us these useful tools and resources. And, with its easy method of sharing books and inspirations, fits very nicely with Tony’s mission to help people lead a life of purpose and passion.

Most popular reviews:

“Tony’s TJS Evolutionary method gets you to acknowledge, listen, act and respond to your inner guardian angel. Through reading this book you will learn how to use your built-in-ALARM to awaken you to your true calling, your greatness and your wisdom” -

“Tony's coaching methods, tools and style lead you quickly to fine-tuning your values, mission purpose and goals. Rather than coaching through a scripted or pre-programmed path, Tony's wisdom directs you toward a practice of self reflection and purposeful action. A personal journey like this is no easy ride. Be prepared to be confronted and challenged, be prepared to delve deeply into how you live, how you lead others and to answer questions other people in your life may never ask. In a time where "authentic leadership" has emerged as a corporate imperative or personal mantra, the time invested in reading or experiencing Tony's wisdom will yield significant returns personally, spiritually and professionally” - Denis Taylor, Managing Director within Financial Services

“His book A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life and TJS Evolutionary methodology is exceptionally powerful and brings together the best of many western and eastern practices. Throughout the book Tony will challenge and push you to reach for your star. Thank you for being extremely patient with me, for being my Life Coach, Healer, Mentor and personal friend. You are a shining star who’s light has the ability to reach the darkest parts of everyone you touch and work with” - Michael Bell, Global Alliance Manager

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