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Immerse Yourself in a Detailed Fantasy World

Immerse Yourself in a Detailed Fantasy World

There are people who dismiss fantasy literature, questioning its seriousness. However, there are novels or series that defy those accusations with such force, it’s hard to believe anyone would still stand by them – unless he knows nothing about the genre. Sure enough, the Year of the Dragon is this kind of series.

Plain fantasy novel? Not this time!

One of the greatest assets of this series is its ability to freely mix different ideas and subgenres. Fan of YA fiction? You’ll certainly enjoy this as a coming of age story. Interested in steampunk? Well, once again, Year of the Dragon will be a great choice. Perhaps you’re more into historical fiction? No doubt, you won’t be disappointed by this fascinating clash of Western and Eastern cultures – with each being exceptionally well-researched.

Succeeding in a massive creative task

Someone could say that all of this is pretty confusing. It’s hard to fit Wales and Japan into an organized fantasy world full of dragons and other magical creatures, just like it doesn’t seem too easy to find a place for elements of science-fiction. Admittedly, you may get lost at some point in the massive series but this shouldn’t lead you to the conclusion that the plot is messy. It rather means that after James Calbraith’s immense effort in creating this reality, it’s worth spending a few moments deciphering it. Calbriath makes this task easier by providing a glossary, a chronology and a list of characters. Sounds a bit like the great J.R.R. Tolkien, doesn’t it?

We hope we’ve got you interested because Calbraith’s fiction is really worth it. Don’t hesitate to join Bran, a young dragon rider and new member of the Royal Marines, who goes on a dangerous journey from West to East... What will happen upon his arrival?

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