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“Jump Start: The Start Up Book For Your Dream Business”, by Sue Vizard

“Jump Start: The Start Up Book For Your Dream Business”, by Sue Vizard

This book will help you with both and will show you essential things: what to consider before you start your firm, how to fall in love with your clients (sometimes again) and how to clear your clutter. The author, Sue Vizard, fresh start expert and coach, explains that the purpose of the book is to get people re-energized and motivated, to help them feel positive about life and their business.

One of her most important tips is

be clear on how you want to do business first, ensure those values are integrated into how you do your business, communicate that, and you will find that clients with your values are attracted to you.

With clients like those, your business will be more like the business of your dreams, not your nightmares. Sue Vizard came to this conclusion after many talks with experienced business owners as well as through her own experiences.  

Sue wasn’t one of those people who just wanted to be on their own. She became self-employed in 2008 because she couldn’t face going back into the corporate world (where she spent 25 years, giving it her all). As she says in an interview for “Female First”,

there are two reasons we change our lives; the first is because we can no longer bear the pain of what we are doing and we give up. The second is the positive way; we have a clear dream of a better life for ourselves and we change our circumstances so that we can fulfill that dream.

Sue didn’t want to feel the pain of corporate life, but, as she points out, the size of an organization is, actually, irrelevant. You can always get lost in it and lose yourself, though a big company means more “noise, external pressures, people and rules” to confuse you. That’s why it’s so important to recognize your own priorities and values.  

Sue also discovered that being positive about change is key. Of course, jumping into a new business requires courage, but a positive attitude is what makes a difference. She wrote this book about starting a business from that perspective, because “it’s exactly what I chose to do”.

Her dream is to inspire people, particularly business owners, to be happy and have fun making money. She’s in the process of building the communication channels and the environment to help her do just that. One aspect of this is, which enables unlimited sharing of her book of useful tips and tools among readers from all over the world.

Most popular reviews

“Sue Vizard is a voice of the times - she is the embodiment of a fresh, optimistic new paradigm that says 'You Are Enough'” - Katharine Dever, Intuitive Business Mentor

“I love this book! Part of what makes it such a joy to read is Sue's sharing of her own experiences. She really understands. You can't help but feel motivated and inspired!” -  Catriona Staddon, Director, Hyndberry 

“A quote I always like is William Wallace in movie Braveheart when he is addressing the Scottish 'army' - when he asks them about surrendering then lying dying in their beds many years from now, would they be willing to trade all their days from then until now for one chance, just one chance, to go back and take their freedom. I liken that to somebody who is employed and fearful about embarking upon leaving to start their own business. Congratulations. Sue has kept it conversational whilst still stirring thought" - Jonathan Smith, Independent Financial Adviser

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