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Mandala Garden

Mandala Garden

Our Mandala Garden

Here we will look at one of Sach'a Munay facilities, the mandala garden designed by Mandala garden pioneer  Henrique Bastos. Henriques gardens are based on:

- Ancient wisdom
- Sacred geometry
- Mandalas
- Bio dynamic agriculture
- Bio intensive agriculture
- Current technologies

It is interesting to see that many traditional practices, are now considered by many as ideas of the new era. In Sacha munay, we consider the earth as a living being to which we have infinite gratitude for all that it provide to us, from its infinite love, infinite abundance and infinite beauty. Inspired by ancient ideas about the importance of being one with the earth, and taking care of  earth with humbleness and respect we strive to maintian and implement conscious actions such as: the responsable and sustainible management of organic and inorganic waste, administration of water and other natural resources, reuse of materials (recycling), the use of organic  products where availible, crop rotation and soil regeneration.

Sacred geometry, is the symbolic language of the creation forces of the universe and helps us understand mentally what we already know intuitively reminding us the intimate interconnection with all aspects of the existence.

Some of this sacred forms are circles, spirals and Platonic solids as the hub. In our mandala design, we used circular shapes and patterns and we built the garden facing north respecting all the cardinal points.

On the large beds were desing a series of three interlocking circles representing the Holy Trinity. They are in perfect harmony with each other and they help to integrate a significant diversity of species and also help anchering different vibrations in the garden that are produced by the planet, the living beings in the soil, the diversity of plants, the elements and the cosmic realms.

This flow of energy creates a vortex that the plants enjoy giving as result, a best quality and quantity of vegetables.

In total within the beds we have 12 circles that are representing the 12 planets of the solar system, the 12 months of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, 12 hours a day and 12 at night, the 12 apostles and if you do a small math process taking again the numbers 12: 1 + 2 a score of 3 reminding us once again the sacred trinity.

It is said that mandalas are originated in India and have been drawn from thousands of years ago with spiritual purposes, meditative reflection and inner and interpersonal connection.


Its literal meaning is "circle", however are shown along the human civilizations and traditions with other geometric figures and usually are lined with a rectangle in the external part.

The mandalas were expanded to different traditions, systems of thought, religions, cultures and spiritual practices. The drawns come from the aspects of divinity and the higher realms of the human mind and also remind our inner power of creationg and manifestation.

The mandala offers great serenity to those who roam it, creating mental relaxation.


For us it is a space where we can have a consciously connection with nature allowing us to connect again with our roots and the divine in the present moment.

Bio dynamic agriculture has given us knowledge about the inter relationship between the macro and micro cosmos doing practices as: association of plants according to their energy within the same space, the observation of the positions of the stars, the sun, the moon and planets every day to perform different jobs within the orchard. Also is been providing us techniques of preparation of different mixtures for different objectives like plant development.

Bio Intensive agriculture provides us with the knoledge of how to grow diversity of plant in a reduced space in order to use well the space and generate bigger productions.

The raised beds allow a better aeration, drainage and water flow in the soil, also it allows the plants to have more space to develop the root system.

The drip irrigation system helps control the amount of moisture in the soil, avoiding the exaggeration in the watered preventing also the production of fungi and other symptoms in plants made by unbalanced ground conditions.

The Mulching system allows us to conserve the moisture, limit weed growth and build the soil.  It also help us to provide a safe environment for the microorganisms of our soil  which can be eliinated by the impact of the sun and the excessive heat.


Written by: Felipe Marin
 In: Arin, Calca, Cusco


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