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Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Importance Of Responsive Website Design

When it comes to building a strong online advertising campaign, you need robust social media outreach, effective, branding, and an excellent SEO strategy. However, you could have all these things in spades, but if you don’t have a responsive website you will lose 90% of your potential sales. Don’t believe us? Study after study has shown that a slow or unresponsive website will lose the vast majority of users within 8 seconds.  

Visiting an unresponsive website is like walking into a grocery store with sticky floors, dirty shelves, and unmarked aisles. Most people would immediately lose interest and leave after entering such a store, which is precisely what they would do with an unresponsive website. So in this article, we will let you know the importance of responsive web designs. 

The Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design will help you make sales and grow your company. Here’s how.  

  1. Mobile Traffic Matters 
  2. Faster Pages Features 
  3. Lower Bounce Rates  
  4. Better Analytics 
  5. Stronger SEO 

Mobile computing power is growing, but mobile devices still have less processing power than a desktop. When’s the last time you heard of a company and quickly searched for them on your phone?  

That means, when your website goes into a mobile mode for a mobile user, it has to be light and responsive. With more than 80% of all online sales being done on mobile devices, you can’t afford to lose mobile traffic.  

Users enjoy websites that are full of fun and entertaining features. Keep them interested in your business! Responsive web design ensures that your pages and features work smoothly and quickly.   

Bounce rates are the rates at which people leave your site. It is measured in the amount of time people spend looking at your content. The longer they stay, the lower your bounce rate. Responsive website design services are key to keeping bounce rates low.  

Every marketing campaign needs good analytics for optimization and agility. Not only will your numbers improve with responsive web development, but your ability to track metrics will also improve. If you aren’t currently utilizing your website analytics, we can help with that.  

With more effective backlinks and responsive features, it makes more sense to have one mobile-friendly site rather than a desktop and mobile site. This solution eliminates the SEO problems of having one of each.  

Smithy is an innovative SEO and WordPress website design company in Tyler, Texas that offers attractive and highly desktop and mobile responsive website development services for your small business. To learn more about what responsive web design can do for you, get in touch today. 

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