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The Benefits with Notarized Translation Services

The Benefits with Notarized Translation Services

The article describes the advantages of Notarized translation services for accurate, quick, and timely translation

What is "Notarized"?  

The term notarized refers to approval or assurance provided by a notary to a signature (or a seal), deeds, contracts, and other documents used in jurisdiction. A notary public (colloquially a Notary) is a person, usually, a lawyer who is authorized by the government (or legal bodies) to witness the signing of any documents to make them legally valid. A notary acts as a gatekeeper to prevent fraudulent activities in the creation and/or processing of documents. 

What is Notarized Translation?  

When referring to the translation process, notary refers to a page stamped and signed by notary officials on the certificate of accuracy (provided by translator along with their signature) signifying that the translation is a foolproof representation of the original. The translators have to include their identification and then sign the translated document in the presence of a notary public, who then stamps the document with an official notary seal. A notary cannot translate your documents.  

 Is Notarization and Certificate of Accuracy The Same? 

Also in this regard let us make things clear. A certificate of accuracy is provided by translators while a notary seal is provided by a notary. The requirement of each can be very case-specific. For example, USCIS might demand just a certificate of accuracy for birth certificate translation, while court cases might demand, of the same notarized translation of birth certificate  . 

Documents Requiring Notarization 

There is no clear delineation in which documents require just a certificate of accuracy or a notarization. A rule of thumb is, if the translations are required for legal purposes you would want to opt for notarized translation. 

Financial documents, investment statements, and letters 

Vital - birth, death, marriage - certificate translations 

Divorce certificate translations 

Medical record translation 

Passport translation  

Diploma, degree and academic certificate translations  

Letters of invitations for foreign travel  

Oaths (affidavits, statutory statements), and contracts  

Certified and Notarized Translation Service 

Now, there are many ways you can acquire notarized translation. You can roam about translation and notarization services spending bucks in travel and hiring translators and notaries, or you can opt for online notarized translation services which easily, and at an affordable rate provide notarized document translation services for you. Here are some benefits of going online: 

Ease: Since the process is completely online, you can get the translation with the convenience of your couch. Online services guarantee you get the best even though documents are processed remotely.  

Quality: Notarized translation company have to be placed in high regard when it comes to quality - because most of these documents will be used for legal proceedings. Online services provide translation from human translators. Quality always lies above 98%.  

Language support: Remote translation can, thus, provide support for global languages.  

Turn over time: Translation for affidavits and contract deals takes a stupendous amount of time. However, remote processing can result in translation to be done efficiently. Online translation services are a one-stop solution to meet deadlines.  

Notarization and certificate of accuracy: Since online services rely on manual translation, certificate of accuracy can be acquired just after the translation process and notarization performed consecutively after that. Opt for notarized translation services online - you won’t have to break a single drop of sweat.

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