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Random ramblings on (re)design and OpenBooks

Random ramblings on (re)design and OpenBooks team hard at work

Design is not a book, and web design is a long-way from artistry.  For me, this was one of the major discoveries in my career: being a (web)designer does not make you an artist, you are not Michelangelo and you are not designing the Sistine Chapel, you are doing a tool, like a fork, that others will use to consume some work of true art.

Yet, the process itself is not totally different and comes with a lot of doubts, times of resignation and disbelief, which often looks like this:

I’d like to share some of the ideas, problems and show you the general process on what we are doing at

With the introduction of Classics section, we have started a major overhaul of the design of OpenBooks. The next step were the blogs, which have broken the consistency of design for two major pages we are now working on: Blog posts and Books pages.

I will elaborate on those two topics in the next posts. If you’d like to tell me what should we focus on also, let me know in the comments!

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