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Pingback and credit cards are coming

Pingback and credit cards are coming

There are several new functionalities coming soon to Worth mentioning today, in my opinion, are two in particular:

1. Payments with Credit/Debit Cards

Finally, I know. Soon readers will be able to pay for books not only via PayPal, but also with payment/credit/debit cards. We’ll start simple, but I'm very enthusiastic about this funcionality and the perspectives it adds to as a whole. For example, we’ll be able to add the possibility to one-click pay for any and all books on the user bookshelf or introduce an additional business model based on crowdfunding.

2. Pingbacks

More on the "tech-side", this is a functionality introduced by the Wordpress blogging platform that enables users to notify other blogs/bloggers that they've written something in response or based on the original blog post. A more "techy" explanation follows:

A pingback is a type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post where pingbacks are enabled. The best way to think about pingbacks is as remote comments:

  • Person A posts something on his blog.
  • Person B posts on her own blog, linking to Person A’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to Person A when both have pingback enabled blogs.
  • Person A’s blog receives the pingback, then automatically goes to Person B’s post to confirm that the pingback did, in fact, originate there.

To create a pingback, just link to another blog post. If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section that they can approve.

At pingback will be used to:

  • ping Wordpress blogs outside of
  • create "mentions" for blogs, posts, reviews and users at

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