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When spring came...

When spring came...

I've bought this land some time ago - mostly for the view of the white elderberry growing there

There is this song, that comes back to me, every first day of spring. It's an old partisan song of the Polish resistance movement during World War 2, about a partisan who has to go hide to the forest and won't be able to care for his farm.

He sings to his beloved one that if he won't come back, (which most likely: he won't), every time in the spring, she can go to the field, take the rye in her hands and kiss it as if it was him, as he will live forever in the grains of rye. In Polish:

Gdy nie wrócę, niechaj z wiosną
Rolę moją sieje brat
Kości moje mchem porosną
I użyźnię ziemi szmat
W pole wyjdź pewnego ranka
Na snop żyta dłonie złóż
I ucałuj jak kochanka
Ja żyć będę w kłosach zbóż
I ucałuj jak kochanka
Ja żyć będę w kłosach zbóż.

Sometimes I wonder what today partisans would sing about, and how many songs would be about poor Wi-Fi and lack of Facebook access. Just kidding.

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