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Small additions to blogs

Small additions to blogs

Spring has come. It's exciting to be part of - I'd like to thank you all for being part of our revolution. Seeing new blog posts every day gives us a lot of positive energy as we are pushing further with a better, streamlined experience for our beloved users!

Recently we have pushed two small additions to our blogs.

1. Start writing faster with easier access to "Add new post"

We care about your touchpads, trackpads and mice. The option to start a new blog post is now in the “My Account” submenu. Happy writing!

2. Import your blog

If you'd like to switch your blog to, now you can. To access the functionality:

  1. Go to “My Profile” from the “My Account” submenu in the main menu
  2. Click on Import your blog

Currently, only Wordpress and are supported but more platforms should be available soon. Next up is Blogger/Blogspot and Tumblr. We've also done some research into Unfortunately it's more difficult so we’ll add this in the future.


With blogs, we’ve started simple, but the time has come to start weaving the threads together. I strongly believe that content is king, but context makes the crown, and with the addition of mentions, we’ve started to create the backbone of a modern, contextual platform. Up until now, we could relate to only one type of content at books. With the addition of mentions, you can now relate to other blog posts and reviews.

It's simple - just add a link to the article/review you’re referring to (like the way I did at the beginning of this note). The engine will do the rest: we’ll add a special comment under the related content and notify the author (the notification will be visible in the “My Notifications” section of the user panel).

Personally, I'm thrilled with the potential it gives and what we’ll be able to build on top of this foundation.

From a technological perspective, the solution is based on the "pingback" (which I mentioned earlier) interface designed by Automattic for Wordpress. This also means, that our solution is compatible with blogs running Wordpress, and pingbacks (mentions) can be sent from to blogs on Wordpress engine/platform, and vice-versa :)

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