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New Kindle Oasis - Amazon are you mad?

New Kindle Oasis - Amazon are you mad?

I've noticed that Amazon has just launched its new Kindle - the Oasis. Although I like its overall design, it fails on so many fronts that I wonder what Amazon is thinking, really. Amazon clearly wants to just update its earlier high-end Kindle: Voyage, but putting Oasis at ca. $290 without any new features that would justify the price is a shocker.

Like I said: I like the design, its weight and the ability to hold it in one hand. I can see that the screen lighting is enhanced but at the end of the day, it's still Kindle Voyage - the same e-ink (Carta) and the same size (6inch). The operating system is the same and the software is the same, which means that there are no added, unique features. 

It seems that Amazon wants to market the e-reader as a premium device but, in fact, it may be too premium because a basic iPad (which is far more universal) starts at a lower price. Of course, I can understand the trend and the aspiration but I'm not really sure that Kindle can arouse similar emotions to justify the purchase of such a device - Amazon is not Apple.

So, who’s hardcore enough to be interested in Kindle Oasis?

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