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My Ebooks - feature

My Ebooks - feature

Working with real users gives us the opportunity to verify our initial concepts and ideas. It also boosts enthusiasm for bringing out features and designs that have been planned for a long time and playtest them in the wild.

One feature that we’re currently working on is the Author Panel.

We started with simple features but along the road we noticed that we were lacking something in this area - components that had been developed seemed to lack space and were hardly fitting. Today we’d like to show you what we’re doing with the “My eBooks” screen.

It’s part of the Author Panel and an important screen for authors as it allows you to manage your portfolio of books at

We’ve paid a lot of attention to the sidebar - we wanted it to look and feel better. We’ve grouped related options and stuck them together. This look and feel will be available for all  readers, authors and publishers on Beta.

We’ve also worked on the table itself. Again, we thought about the most important features for authors and prepared a similar solution for readers’ Bookshelves.

We came up with a table that is better featured and has added functions that allow authors to hide a book or delete it completely from the site. It also gives more info on what the current status of the book is, when it was published or when it will be published and whether it is going through the moderation process. We’ll probably revisit this design again in March to make a few minor changes.

- Tomek, CTO

Fully featured sidebar & completely new table:

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