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In case you wonder, we are still here and we’re working hard on bugfixes and new features. From now on, we will be posting updates on the development as regular news from the tech team.

By publishing the news, we would also like to invite you to discuss the future of Are you missing a useful feature on the website? Would you like to suggest new solution or complain about something? Or maybe make a casual comment? Whatever the reason feel free to post your comments below the article or on the forum!

Okay, having this settled, let's go with the technicalities. What we are working on:

  • Changes to the payment and download process on the main page - you have probably noticed the addition of PWIW button next to the featured books - now we will be pushing this feature further
  • Changes to the forum - we are working on the updated design of the pages and we will refresh the looks and enhance the readability of the forum
  • Changes to the registration process - it will be shorter and easier for the casual readers and better laid out for the authors and publishers
  • Changes to the "Publishing wizard" - creating cleaner, better layout
  • Completely overhauled categories and category subpages

We are also working on:

  • Better dashboard for users, authors and publishers
  • Better author admin panel
  • New user profile page with better bookshelf
  • New eBook page with better options for promoting our books

We will post updates in the next weeks. Depending on the amount of news this will be either weekly or bi-weekly.

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