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Would someone please make this into a movie! – review of “The King of the Sun”

Would someone please make this into a movie! – review of “The King of the Sun”

Picture in a headline is combination of piano and male minds by okalinichenko.

“The King of the Sun” is the best eBook I’ve read at so far and one of the most fresh, cleverly-written books I’ve recently purchased. Sam Stamler – the talented author – defines the genre of the book as ‘young adult’. I always thought that that means boring romance with a little bit of work- or drug-struggle followed by some business success. When I was reading Sam’s beautiful piece of psychological, young adult fiction I understood that this phrase has another – very positive - meaning. It’s this type of writing which people my age can really feel. I write “feel” cause it was amazing for me how quickly I was sucked into the main character’s world. I was living her life throughout the story even though we’re very different. It was so easy to see emotions and events through her eyes.

I won’t write much about the plot, I’ll just say that it’s about an amazing friendship between two very special people. One is the victim of a very difficult disease, the other, of poor life choices and disbelief in her own capabilities. What happens between them can be trivially called “friendship” but to describe it you need something greater, cause I’m not sure if people even know how to be a friend like Colleen anymore. The narration of the story is so well led that you’ll immediately want to read it in one sitting. I felt very annoyed that due to work and travel I had to spread it out over time. I love this type of writing – when everything seems so simple thanks to the masterful use of smartly chosen adjectives and thoughtfully placed verbs – that makes you feel like you’re reading your own thoughts. I’m used to scientific writing so I was impressed with how well the narration flowed and how it surprised me at every step I took into Cinder Slade's (the solar king's) life.

The most important thing, however, is the fact that Sam Stamler’s efforts to describe the world of her characters was so meticulous and almost perfect that I can’t stop seeing it as a very beautiful movie. Especially as it focuses on a psychical condition that hasn’t had much coverage in films so far and was never told through such a strong vision, created from a basic feeling of human nature: empathy.

If you’re looking for a piece of writing that will constantly challenge you - and not in terms of guessing what’s going to happen next but in terms of pushing your comprehension of human thoughts and feelings to the boundaries of your imagination – Sam Stamler has enough patience and more than enough talent to show you what you’re capable of in that beautiful but difficult task of being a friend.

Picture in a headline is combination of piano and male minds by okalinichenko.

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