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We're Now on BookLikes!

We're Now on BookLikes!

Hi Guys,

Do you know BookLikes? It's a blog platform designed by book nerds for book lovers :) It's a crossbreed between Goodreads, Twitter and Wordpress. That means you can either discover great books by following trendy influencers or let others read what you think about recently purchased books.

The website has a lot of cool feautures:
- you can write blog posts, add quotes or re-blog those you really liked
- you are able to rate and collect books on your personal bookshelfs
- you can follow authors and start discussions with them

And you can pariticipate in any affiliate programm you want (you can add them to your blog) and even earn money on your blogging!


I love it because it's creating a great reading community. Authors are supported in their writing process, readers can exchange recommendations, which for me is the best way to find a new great book to read. It's a place where you really want to be. And it's also independent platform, not funded by huge conglomarate that's focused on profits and artificially created bestsellers.

So here we are at BookLikes. With our first HELLO we are introducing some basic information about what is all about.
Do you have a blog on BookLikes? Share it with us, we always search for a new great reads!

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