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5 Reasons To Learn More About Media

5 Reasons To Learn More About Media

by Isaxar

If you are a business leader or a manager you definitely need to get the media on your side. The M-factor by Tom Maddocks, founder of Media Training Associates, will tell you everything you need to know about using media for your company’s biggest advantage. With 20 years' experience as a media trainer, business journalist and TV reporter for BBC, Tom Maddock will not only teach you the art of creating a great sound-bite or how to respond to difficult questions but first of all how to find best media opportunities to get your message across effectively.

If you still don't know why you need to know more about media, here are 5 reasons to read the book and become media expert:

1) Don't miss the opportunity that your competitor is already using:


2) Media coverage adds value to your product:


3) By becoming an expert in your field you can establish great reputation for your firm:


4) Quotable soundbite will change your product into something that people can relate to:


5) Great video can make your message go viral:

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