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Your Dream Blog = ?

Your Dream Blog = ?

Do you ever dream about what your perfect house would look like? What it would look like on the outside? How you would decorate it inside?

Well, blogs are our little homes; they can look like a grand mansion with loads of decorative details or cute beachy cottages with nice and clean surroundings. You can choose to live in the middle of a big city, among lights, billboards and be lost in a crowd or you can enjoy bonding with a community that lives nearby .

So tell us: what would your dream blog be like?

- How would it look?
Would you rather have a platform with a unified design (like Facebook, Medium, Maptia) or one that gives you more decorative options (like Wordpress)?

- What would be the best location for it?
Would you rather build something on your own (or at least under your own domain like or join a community of book bloggers?

- What about the interior?
Would you rather have only the necessary features (and what would they be) or loads of buttons and options to choose from?

And last but not least:
- How about the commercial aspect?
Is your home blog also an investment? Would you like to earn something from it (i.e. use affiliate programs) or maybe find a patron that would support your writing regularly?

We invite you to comment below
… and who knows, maybe your dreams will come true :)

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