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FREE WEBINAR - Hawaiian Traditions & Activism with Joshua Lanakila Mangauil

FREE WEBINAR - Hawaiian Traditions & Activism with Joshua Lanakila Mangauil

Along with we invite you to our first free webinar on 23rd June with extraordinary guest: Joshua Lonakila Manguail.

If you’re looking for deeper knowledge of Hawaiian tradition that comes from greatest respect towards environment, harmony of the elements and cultivating indigenous ceremonies, you should definitely join this webinar. You’ll also learn about treats to these traditions and how the local community was fighting against further exploitation of Hawaiian most sacred mountain Mauna Kea.

What will you learn?

Joshua Lanakila Mangauil will meet with our community to share his knowledge about:

  •  traditional hula dance and oli singing

  •  ho’oku’u process of releasing negativity

  •  local activism that deeply supports Hawaiian indigenous culture

The webinar will be held in two languages: English and Polish (for amazing community of and you’ll be able to post your questions during.

Join us on 23rd June, 8.p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time).

Who is Lanakila?

Joshua Lanakila Mangauil is a well recognized activist for Hawaiian culture and traditions. He’s a president of the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua that aims to empower the local community to revitalize families, land and cultural heritages. The Center is also open to anyone who wants to deepen the connection with Hawaiian culture through community classes in arts, hula, language, health, history, agriculture,  philosophy, and more.

Photo: Mangauil offers testimony in opposition to the TMT at an Office of Hawaiian Affairs hearing in late April, 2015 | Will Caron

Joshua grew up surrounded by beautiful rainforest and Hawaiian culture. When he was a teenager he took part in a trip to visit native tribes of Northeastern Arizona and Northern California, what made him realize the role of cultivating old traditions in his own community. He devoted himself to learning and at 19 he was already hired as Hawaiian Studies teacher.

Activism for Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the most sacred mountain in Hawaiian tradition. It’s actually 4207 meters high dormant volcano, as well as conservation district with rare species of birds and insects. In the world of science the top of Mauna Kea is known as one of the best points for astronomical observation in the world. In 2014 and 2015 Mangauil took part in several protests against building the Thirty Meter Telescope that was suppose to be created there, to be the largest and newest addition to 13 astronomical observatories already established by more than 10 countries.

Mauna Kea, Photo by Jeff

The goal of the protests was to protect the conservation area from further exploitation and their motives were deeply traditional. After several interventions of local community on December 2, 2015, the Supreme Court of Hawaii invalidated the TMT's building permits. On December 16, the TMT corporation began removal of all construction equipment and vehicles from Mauna Kea.

Watch video from the protest:

If you want to learn more about protest and Joshua Lankila Mangauil activism for Hawaiian traditions, join us on 23rd June.



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