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Dennis McKenna joins forces with

Dennis McKenna joins forces with

Along with our Official Launch we are extremely happy to announce that Dennis McKenna’s The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss is our latest addition!

First published in 2012, McKenna’s The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss has attracted greate reviews on and provides an honest and heartfelt account of his life and experiences with his brother Terence McKenna.

Dennis and Terence McKenna are two famous brothers who not only explored the secrets of psychedelic trips and biophysical experiments, but also gave them an intellectual and scientific dimension. This made them influential and respected by many different types of people around the world.

Terence (legendary philosopher, writer, ethnobotanist and shaman) was the one who had written extensively about the brothers’ shared interests and adventures. That’s why Dennis (scientist, ethnopharmacologist and lecturer) decided to write The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss: My Life with Terence McKenna:
No one had ever heard my side of the story, directly from me. I wanted to share my own story, from my perspective. It was personally important for me to do that.

The result is an unusual, intellectual, biographical and social account of the mysteries of consciousness, magic and reality, as well as an interesting commentary on the so-called “Timewave Theory”. Dennis’s account of how he struggles with the interpretation of his memories regarding the famous Experiment at La Chorrera in 1971, which Terence chronicled in his book True Hallucinations, is also very informative. About La Chorrera Dennis once wrote: What began as a search for exotic hallucinogens in the jungles of the Amazon (...) rapidly turned into a curiosity-driven quest for the ultimate truths of time and life and mind. We didn’t know what we would find when we set out for La Chorrera in the dawning months of 1971; only that it was a great mystery, a ‘Secret’, that would change us, and everything, forever. We were right on both counts, though not in the ways we had anticipated.

And what does Dennis think about project?

In this age of digital publishing the author often gets very little compensation for their efforts. was created to change that model, to give the author a fairer return, and readers the option to pay what they feel a book is worth. The fear is that people will just rip off the books and never pay anything. However I don’t believe this. I believe that people do recognize that this is the author’s creative effort, thoughts, etc. that they are reading and I think that most people will see that that is worth something, and they don’t mind paying something. We know this can work; it works with ‘free’ openly available software, and it works with something like National Public Radio. Not everyone pays to listen to NPR, but enough do that it can be sustained. And those that don’t pay still benefit from listening to the programs and learning things. Eventually, most people learn that they should pay some modest amount to listen to NPR, not because they have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. Hopefully the same will be true of the customers of

We shall see! When I first brought out The Brotherhood as an ebook, I was concerned about this ‘unlimited copying and sharing’ that you refer to above; but as a very well published author who is also a friend said to me when I raised this concern: ‘obscurity is much worse than piracy.’ He made a good point.

We are delighted to have Dennis McKenna’s support and really value his appreciation of what the model is striving to achieve for authors across the globe. Dennis has a truly inspirational story and, like many books, you really have to read it to grasp the full context of what he and his brother have achieved in terms of their contribution to the world of science and discovery.

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