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Hello from Forbes and The Guardian

Hello from Forbes and The Guardian

It’s really cool that two widely respected titles decided to write about us. In Forbes Trevor Clawson is deliberating about the current state of publishing industry and prognoses popularity of our business model among self-published authors. Tomek Staniak, our hardworking CTO, explains our vision about the future of selling and promoting books:

There of course has to be a revolution, especially in the common mind-set that open sharing is not stealing, and that readers need to have right to choose.

We truly believe in our open business model - in a platform based on trust, willingness to support true talents that catch our attention, warm our hearts and enrich our lives with useful knowledge.
So to the sceptic article in theguardian we answer: we don’t need pipes or crack cause we’re focused and observant. Yes, we might be dreamers, but mostly we just know how the common mentality and economy is changing. Some people might be as attached to fixed prices and DRM as previous generations were to carriages, walkmans and women not having right to vote. What we want to accomplish is bringing back what’s most valuable from the past - the idea of sharing, creating supportive relationship between reader and writer - and introduce it in the product that is simple, achievable and meets readers expectations.

Pay-as-you-feel/ Pay-what-you-want idea is becoming more and more popular in the music industry, restaurants, cafes and there are some smart people, who like our beloved Tara Joyce, are using it in their business. It’s been a week since our official launch. People are downloading eBooks, they are willing to pay for them and as creators of a breakthrough idea we are happy to wait a little bit until it flourishes.  

Meanwhile thank you guys for all the comments we’ve seen last week on different blogs, forums and social media. We invite you to our home of eBooks, so feel comfortable to search for a cosy sofa or blood-pressure-rising coffee and tell us your deepest secrets or at least how you like the decor :)

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