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Peter Singer supports!

Peter Singer supports!

Since I wrote my PhD thesis on moral status of animals based on Peter Singer's utilitarianism and I am great admirer of his work, I decided to contact this amazing thinker to ask if he would like to try new (more open and ethical) model of selling his books.
I strongly belive that Peter Singer's work is of the greatest importance. He is most famous contemporary ethicist and one of the most influential philosophers I know. His books - Animal Liberation and Practical Ethics - not only had tremendous influence on animal liberation movement but even after over 35 years are still a very important part of the academic and public debate. Professor Singer's mission to make this World a better place has changed approach to international help of many people and organizations. His book The Life You Can Save, which in a very accessible way explains why we have an obligation to help those in need, forever changed my perception of the role I have in the worldwide society. I even decided to take a pledge that I will donate some of my money to a charity (even though I am not a millionaire). Peter Singer's most recent book The Most Good You Can Do teaches us how we can help efficiently. It explains why we should focus on altruism that is effective and can really save people from suffering.

It'd be a great honour for us to be able to share Professor Singer's books with you however at this given moment it's not possible. Why? He's telling you himself: has a radical idea: read a book and then pay what you think it is worth.  That means that you can get away with paying nothing for it, because no one can tell what you really think of the book.  But will many people do that?  Or are most people decent enough to pay a fair price for a book they get something from?  In a way, is conducting an intriguing experiment in ethics. The rights for all my books are, at the moment, already sold, but I hope one day to have a book I can give to, so that we can carry out such an experiment.

Photograph on the banner: Peter Singer at The College of New Jersey, author:Bbsrock (2009-10-20)

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