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Pay What You Want 4 Programmers!

Pay What You Want 4 Programmers!

We are not surprised that IT industry has noticed the potential of pay what you want business model. In last few days we found amazing offers for game and internet developers - pay what you want courses even for total beginners. They can now start their carreer without spending thousands of dollars on learing the basics.

Android Authority offers 3 bundles of courses: ‘Game Development for Non-Coders’ 5-Course Bundle, Unity 3D Game Development & Design 4-Course Bundle, HTML5 App & Game Development 6-Course Bundle with total worth of $539 but you can pay what you want for them as long as you beat the average price.

TECHSPOT offers 7 courses: 'Learn Docker from Scratch', 'Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch', 'Learn Web Programming in Django and Python', 'Learn Bootstrap Development', 'Projects in JavaScript and JQuery', 'Projects in PHP and MySQL', 'Learn Ruby on Rails' with total worth of $1000. You can pay any price you like for the first two or beat the average price for the full bundle.

You can find more similiar offers on the web and we're really happy that more and more people start to use pay what you want business model. If you want to learn how to use it to build your own carreer check Pay What It's Worth eBook by Tara Joyce.

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