Who Watches the Who

by Connor Harvey

Who Watches the Who
Read Time: 4.0 to 5.5 hours (61751 words)
Reviews of every Doctor Who story
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Reviews of every Doctor Who serial ever. One's fan's quest nearly 2 years to watch over 800 episodes of the British sci-fi TV show from over five decades of its history. Informal in nature, this collection was originally published as a blog. It has short written pieces with star ratings on over 300 stories including spin-offs like Torchwood. Now in it's second edition, this ebook has been updated and expanded with all of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Peter Capaldi's 2015 episodes up to "The Husbands of River Song".

NB: This is a fan produced work and completely unofficial. Not affliated with the BBC or the Doctor Who production team and is not representative their opinions.



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Book details

Title Who Watches the Who
Subtitle Reviews of every Doctor Who story
Author Connor Harvey
Contributors 0
Language English
Available Formats MOBI, EPUB, PDF

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