The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion

by Drew Bankston

The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion
Read Time: 7.5 to 10.0 hours (109881 words)
Adventure, mystery and romance fill these pages! You'll be hooked and asking for more!
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Download the book: The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion

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Welcome to the world of Tokorel! In this first book, "The Color of Emotion", you will get to know our heroes, Linsora and Permac along with a host of not so savory characters! Permac and Linsora start out as enemies but soon learn that their animosity is the product of 200 years of inaccurate historical teachings, and together, they set out to correct the historical mistakes of their planets. There are those, however, who would see them fail at any cost. You’ll enjoy every second of reading as new worlds unfold in your mind and new adventures take shape.

Filled with adventure, mystery and romance, book one will have you hooked and asking for more. Book 2, "The Taste of Emotion" is already available and book three is close to completion. We hope that you enjoy this story and that you look forward to reading the sequel!


Book details

Title The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion
ISBN 978-0-9886966-0-0
Youtube link
Author Drew Bankston
Contributors 1
Language English
Available Formats MOBI, EPUB, PDF

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