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Christmas Special: the giant of horror - GRAHAM MASTERTON joins forces with the ‘Read First, Then Pay What You Want’ eBookstore OpenBooks.com to become Santa by sharing his “Beholder” short story and taking part in AMA with fans

With the new OpenBooks.com Christmas feature, readers can now share their love of reading by sending Graham Masterton’s “Beholder” and other open books as a gift along with holiday greetings to friends and family.

A new era for the world of eBooks with launch of ‘Read First, Then Pay What You Want’ eBookstore OpenBooks.com at London Book Fair 2015

For the first time ever, a groundbreaking new Independent eBookstore is preparing to unveil its new eBook publishing concept, setting a new precedent with its reader-determined pricing model that offers unlimited copying and sharing, alongside higher levels of compensation for authors.

OpenBooks.com Unveils Independent eBookstore Featuring “Read Before You Pay” Business Model

Premium Compensation for Authors, Reader Determined Pricing and Unlimited Copying/Sharing Sets New Precedent in eBook Publishing

86287 Total downloads
5351 Unique downloads
.EPUB Most popular format
$ 15.50 Highest payment
$ 2.62 Average payment
400 Total payments
1352 Total downloads
957 Unique downloads
.PDF Most popular format
$ 7.00 Highest payment
$ 2.65 Average payment
15 Total payments
3923 Total downloads
2210 Unique downloads
.EPUB Most popular format
$ 10.00 Highest payment
$ 2.70 Average payment
63 Total payments
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