A cure for those who hate Christmas stories

Some years ago, I lost person very close to me and during next Christmas I realized that it is a time which amplifies who we are in a current moment of our life. Happy and loved people feel happiness and love even more. Lonely and harmed ones suffer even more. This is why I hate Christmas now. And that's why I avoid everything connected, stories and movies and commercials, and I deliberately steer away from them as they are usually predictable, sugary and kitsch. Julie's short story is just the opposite. It is deeply realistic and truthful despite of "paranormal" elements. Because Life is exactly like that. Full of ups and downs, satisfaction and loss, pain and joy. The author tagged her story as paranormal, but for me it is quite "normal". I experienced many times the described kind of contact, but in the sleep, so no problem with believing it's possible. Even if it wasn't, it doesn't change the fact that the story is grasping, beautiful, well constructed (plot, characters, background descriptions) and written with great style, making me see everything that happened as if I was watching the movie. As I wrote this word "movie" I realized I wish to see this novelette made into the film. Very well deserved 5 stars, I would give 5+ if that was technically possible :-)