A good story about David Good

I really liked the author’s style of writing after I had gotten used to all the colloquialisms and slang words that definitely makes the narration more natural. The plot – Good’s investigation – is not very complicated comparing to other crime stories but is still engaging. I had an impression that the center of attention is the main character himself and his relations with women, especially with his beautiful client, so if you like the character, you’ll like the whole story. From time to time I got irritated because of the explicit chauvinistic remarks made by Good along with other male characters, to make matters worse, the created world seemed to be told only from the male perspective so there is no counter view. Women were portrayed rather stereotypically, superficially and one-dimensionally – as the sweet love seeking girls, sexual objects of infidelity or abuse and cold femme fatales. They can be either protected or despised. The only girl that Good seems to treat normally (maybe because of the lack of sexual connotations) is his sister but unfortunately we knew almost nothing about her. Despite the fact that David Good is an appalling figure in some aspects, he can be likeable if we look at him with a little sense of humor and distance. Maybe that’s why I still found this story really enjoyable.