Absolutely loved it !

I can't believe that someone actually made me read about babies! This book is a quick read full of fun. I very much enjoyed sarcastic narration - from a sort of baby view point. I love the attitude of the author and I am just really happy that such parents like Cranky and Weirdo exist. I hate when people treat their children like they're a burden or some kind of disability - that make them stay at home all the time with boobs hanging out and diapers all over the place. I think Julien shows us normal, healthy attitude towards parenthood - not getting yourself crazy about small stuff and enjoying your life as you used to. My parents took me everywhere with them - parties, lake/sea swimming (without lifegourds present), forest - summer & winter. It's so obvious but now with so many smart-ass mummies giving advice about this and that, it's more popular to become sort of Facebook martyr that is giving up evrything for the baby (and need to document it on everyday basis on Instagram). So I really enjoyed this book. I don't want to have kids, but I would only like to meet parents like Julien - that create a life with his baby and not only for his baby. Great written, super funny - must read for all the future parents out there :)