I’m truly impressed by the idea of socialy involved Christmas Story.

Have you ever imagined how it is to have no place to go, to sleep, to get worm? Julien Boyer in his short story provides us with some guidances, which may help to leaven this imaginary picture of being homeless. It’s not a merry Christmas story. Mind full of sour memories, longing what he’d lost in his life, the atomic ant man walks through frosty, empty streets on Christmas Eve. The story is simple, I would even say simplified, to brings out human good features such as empathy or sympathy, to say that sometimes a little can do a lot. Same time it creates stereotypical character of the homeless, that, as I understand it, is also intentional and made for some reason. Maybe to stress scale of homelessness, maybe to show concept of homeless, that big part of society have in their minds. Surely this both together make you empathize with the atomic ant man. Make sure you have read this e – book to the very end. Julien Boyer has something very important to tell you. I’m truly impressed by his idea of socially involved Christmas Story. I’m going to spread his appeal around, as Julien Boyer asked the reader to do. This is my small Christmas gift for the author. :)