life of the modern witch

Definitely the best Lampe’s book about Caitlin Ross so far. What I liked most in other books (Celtic songs, the elements of Gaelic) remains and what I liked the least (all these romantic stuff) reduced to minimum (in comparison to Parting Glass). New characters appeared and they are really worth to be mentioned … (beware, spoilers) I liked the way Breda was portrayed as strong, determined, elegant woman who appears to be a loyal friend to Caitlin. The demon is an interesting individual and I’m glad that he appears in the next part. The main heroine is also likeable – she might be more assertive however and she could have saved herself troubles and worries if she had talked sincerely with her husband. Only Timber did not convince me – I had an impression that Caitlin on the one hand loves and feel safe with him but on the other treats him more as a sexual object (all these enthusiastic descriptions how strong, handsome, beasty etc. is he … as he was reducible to the bunch of muscles).