Modern fantasy romance

It’s not an adventure type of fantasy book but a well-written modern fairytale about an almost ordinary girl - apart from the fact that she is a witch. The plot revolves mainly around her romance with a shaman of Scottish origin. It seemed to me that the author is more concerned with showing the sexual tension and love growing between Caitlin and Timber than with the investigation carried on by them. That’s why it is a fantasy book but rather for people interested in romances (I’m not and maybe that’s why I had a feeling that there was too much talking about love, even sex scenes seemed to be more central to the plot than the whole investigation) and incomporably better written 50 shades-kind of fiction – if you seek action, adventure, blood, violence etc. you would be rather disappointed. What I liked most about the book was the fact that the author incorporated into her tale the elements of Celtic folklore such as songs, legends or Gaelic language. It added some mysteriousness as well as authenticity to the story. I also liked the way the author interpreted the concept of modern witch – as a resolute, wise, commonsensical, independent woman whose magic is aimed at protection and defense, being rather constructive than destructive. To sum up, this is a beautifully-written romance with the elements of magic.