Nice Christmas trailer of the FirstWorld Multiverse :-)

I really enjoy postmodern intertextuality, so I had a lot of intellectual pleasure reading this story, full of links to the books and movies that shaped my imagination: "Lord of the Rings", "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", "Star Wars" :-) The story itself is sometimes funny and sometimes terrifying, both fictional and realistic. The plot is less important than the world created. Exactly as in a movie trailer, which should show what is most important without unrevealing too much. Teasers are a separated branch of art, and I value this subgenre a lot. The same with this story, showing us glimpses of a tremendous FirstWorld saga created by Christopher Jackson-Ash. Read it and you like fantasy, you will probably spend whole Christmas exploring Multiverse, described comprehensively in four huge volumes. "You shall not pass!" ;-)