Old-time classic that still scares you

Having seen “True Blood” series and having read numerous books on vampires, young readers are pretty sure they know everything there is to know about these creatures. An attempt to read the old book that sparkled common interest in vampires can be invigorating. The novel has a whit of old-fashioned climate that may appear out of date now, yet there is something really authentic in it for it was the first to touch the subject of darkness, rising from the dead and living as a creature that feeds on other people's blood to survive. All the subsequent emanations of culture and literature on the issue are just its transformations and references to this timeless story. Nowadays the vampire character and his follower – a zombie – are ubiquitous in popculture, and it's worth remembering to whom it is due. Bram Stoker who wrote a gripping story of Transylvania prince, started a completely new trend referring to Gothic novels – the interest in dark, hideous, forbidden, evil.