Practical and comprehensive guide

This book can be recommended to people who are dealing with traditional media such as television or radio. Unfortunately there’s relatively little about social media (Facebook or tweeter) – only how important they are and how easily companies’ image in the Internet may be ruined because of silly mistakes or unthoughtful comments. However, the book is full of practical tips how to be a successful radio or TV interviewee: what we should remember during preparing our speech (depending on our aims or audience, making use of EQUALS formula, appropriate language), what we should look like (clothes, make-up) and finally how we should behave during the interview (body language, staying focused etc.).The book contains numerous examples from real life – real companies’ failures and successes (famous cases of good and bad media strategies). What’s more, the book is written in a comprehensive way. Each chapter ends with a summary of the most important things to have in mind while preparing to the interview. The author mainly talks about companies (which media success is important from financial perspective) but most of these tips may be helpful also for non-profit organizations.