Saddening Christmas story

I can observe a new trend in popular writing about Chrtistmas time - the stories are no longer heartwarming, peaceful and joyful but begin to feature sad, even horrifying moments and lives of the unhappy and broken. To my mind, it's righteous to present it this way - human life doesn't consist of enjoyable hours spent in the front of a fireplace, with cheerful family around you, but it is darker, lonlier and sadder than that. There many people who don't have anybody to spend Christmas with, or else, they have to spend it with somebody they hate or are afraid of. It's really uplifting to see such stories emerge in popculture. "The Deaprted" is definitely one of them - it's a new type of a Christmas short story, woven with pieces of reality. It doesn't comfort us but, to some extent, slaps us in the face with its thruthfulness and authenticity.