Strange, dark, funny - loveable :)

If you like Monty Python, you might really like this book. Nothing here is obvious or regular, so you will end up either disgusted or laughing to yourself while travelling by underground. The book is a little bit uneven but it totally depends on your taste. I really loved some stories like" 1600kCal/lb", "Cardinal Spark", "Sequestered Vessel", "Donor Regret" and "Tea Time" - for their dark humour. Others like "The Bronze Shade" were kind of weird and funny. There were also some that I didn't get or found a bit boring like "Passage". But I admire Brady Koch for mastering the flash-writing because it's incredibly hard to give an interesting, surprising and funny story in such a little amount of words. And he was able to go through so many different genres like horror, s-f (try "Seperation Across Eras"), adventure, crime. There is even a little poem - Treat Yourself - that is just adorable (in an Edgar-Alan-Poe-sort-of-way :)). I definitly recommend this book to people that like strange, sometimes creepy, yet funny literature.