The Classic of the Classics

Bram Stoker's vampire has been inspiring authors and film-makers for more than a century, becoming one of the most explored character in the pop culture (have you watched for example a great TV show "Penny Dreadful"?), but in case of this book, we are going back to the roots. Published in 1897, this timeless novel is still something that every fan of (horror) literature should be familiar with. I have to admit that I haven't read it until recently, but when I decided to do so, I was instantly drawn to it. I felt more involved than expected in the characters' lives and enjoyed a unique insight into the XIX-century society, with its conventions, desires and fears. I think it's important to know where so many cultural references in the contemporary works come from, so apart from the enjoyment from the reading, this is another good reason for getting to know "Dracula".