Truthful, original and skilfully written

Surreal? Yes, but in fact, extremely real. Humor? Yes, but in fact, really sad. Angelika Rust is a keen observer of human psychological mechanisms and has a great skill to show them in words. "The elphant had always been there. The fact that it was visible now didn't make all that much of a difference". Oh no, it did. Every person in a family gathered at Xmas party reacts differently to the truth they all know, but have never been talking about. Each of them deals with this truth in a different way. The way they think of it may be more or less harmful to themselves and to others. I can imagine that most families have such an elephant. Be that homosexuality of one of children or addiction of a parent. Or a relationship that wouldn't be accepted. Or an abuse that happened in the past. Christmas time releases more intense emotions so maybe it is really wise to talk about problems before carefully prepared party. So we do not have to deal with creamy, brown, stinking pancake in the middle of the dinner. But... "Mom's always been good at ignoring".