Wating for more

The main hero, during his investigation, incorporates stories from his past into his monologue in a fascinating way. In this book we can find a specific type of a character (often seen in the detective stories) who is behaving like an alcoholic with resentment. His past strongly influences everything that he’s experiencing in the present. This creates a very intense atmosphere of a book written in the style of the 30s-50s crime stories. Of course we can see such a way of the character’s creation used in many books and movies, nevertheless Westerham was able to give it some freshness. I completely agree that the female character and some parts of the storyline were based on the stereotypes (as some people wrote in comments) but I think this was the author’s intention. Exactly that kind of viewing the world we can find in the classical detective stories whose main hero has a tendency to monologues. I think someone who likes that kind of literature will not be disappointed. Anyway I’m eagerly waiting for the continuation.