Ian Young has successfully touched the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and encouraging them to rebuild their lives without their destructive patterns or influences once and for all.Ian is the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities still operating within the European Treatment Industry and currently runs Sober Services ltd; another of his dynamic and influential business within the addiction treatment industry. But it wasn’t always like that…Early 2001, aged 29, after 13 years of chronic drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and unemployment, Ian discovered a permanent way out of his debilitating lifestyle, and through hard work built himself a world filled with the riches and royalties that life really does has to offer – addiction free. Ian is a multiple business owner, including Senior Director of the popular LivingBig – an ‘On and Offline’ network and training academy for Coaches and Mentors. Ian is both honoured and proud to be one of 35 founding members of the Association of Transformation Leaders, Europe, qualification for membership of which involves positively affecting the lives of over 6000 people.Ian is a homeowner living in a quiet part of Northern Hertfordshire with his wife, two dogs, two cats and a horse. Ian’s personal mission is to co-create harmony through laughter and love, and to help others improve the quality of their lives.