Iris Clermont is an influential business coach, mumpreneur and author. During the last 20 years, Iris Clermont has been travelling and working in 20 different countries around the world and working as part of a virtual team or performing team coaching, executive coaching and process and business consultancy as a combination, mainly in the telecommunications area for corporate companies. In 2008, she started her own coaching plus consulting business and wanted to share her experience by writing her latest book 'Team Magic' In her 20 years she has gained an impressive client roaster which includes blue chip companies. As well as being a successful business woman and releasing a book, she is also a single mother of three reliable and self-sufficient teenagers. She loves music and sports and participated this year in her first public triathlon. She also sings in a choir and plays the traverse flute to manage her own work life balance. "Whoever smiles instead of rioting is always the stronger one." This is not just a wisdom that has accompanied her all her life, but also the best indication of the success of a coaching plus consulting project. For her, a project is successful only when her business partner is fully satisfied with each step and with the results, and each employee can use the new insights in his working life and furthermore in his private life. This success is evident in the smiling faces. No amused or ironic smile is intended. But the contented smile of people who reach their personal and professional goals and both are in line with each other. The smile of employees working effectively, like the 'Team Magic' in the last chapter of this book, with fun and as one team, is her best motivation.