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Second Star

... because I can't find anything that would make me shiver in sci-fi terms since ending of "Hyperion Cantos". I know, I know, comparing classical piece with aspiring writer, but oh well - if we don't look to (and try to look through) the stars - then where should we? It's a nice book, reminded me of one of my childhoold fav movies about an astronaut fighting with an alien and crashing on same planet with him to see that they are not really that much different. But well, main problem with "Second Star" is that... it *is* a second row of Sci - Fi literature. And...

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Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders

We all are narcissts to some point and there is no shame in that as long as we don't let our narcisst-selves take control over our niceguy-ism. But the question we really tend to ask ourselves is: what if we would be like Hannibal L? Superintelligent villain without fear and any other "flaws"? Well, the answer is - we won't, cause Hanniball is fictional person and according to studies real psychopats are no geniuses and tend to score worse in IQ tests. This book above is kinda simple and as Michael wrote - lack observational data, but if you are interested in...

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The Island (a dystopian novella)

Kinda weird, kinda short (and I really prefer longer pieces). I felt like it was kind of fan fiction from the Star Wars Universe (but it wasn't). It's like you read something from Orwell or huxley and then a man punched you with a hammer onto back of your head, screaming BOOOM! STAR WARS! Gave it 3 stars because I'm such a nice person, but I'd reccomend it for you only if your 'pile of shame' ended or is near to end and you want to escape into something... something... well, into something.

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The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss

Read it some time ago, so these are not really fresh thoughts regarding this book. I'm not really into drugs, just ocassionally pot smoker. Kind of made me thinking why brothers didn't try to reach for any shamanic approach for dealing with the tumor. It's kinda weird that a brother that seems to be a huge spokesman for psychedelic shamanism is kinda stuck with allopathic ways of treatment (rays, chemo etc.) and the scientist brother wanted to try shamanism involwed with tryptamines and vocal toning. Kinda makes you think that C man turns your life for 180...