John Lasheras is a transhumanist author, researcher, former data analyst and student at Rutgers University. His books have been available for free on Wattpad and for $1 on Amazon previously, but he has now decided to go with a pay what you want option for any consumer of my books. I would prefer if you would not pay more than $1 if you are just looking for an e-book to read and that is your main reason you are purchasing this book. Enjoy the book for what it is, and please, I would like for you to provide constructive criticism and feedback on my earlier writing. If you don't want to pay anything for the book, then that's great too! You can still download it here on OpenBooks and have it for free anyway. All I ask for is in sincerity, to respect my copyright that I hold on these novels, works of non-fiction, research and other work written by me. I've already had to send cease and desist letters to a few websites offering my book for a higher price than myself which is annoying, I would prefer if that would not have to happen again. As always, you can provide constructive criticism to me directly at john.lasheras@gmail.com. I will respond to all inquiries promptly about either your purchase, the book, or any other commentary. All prospective literature agents can contact me at john.lasheras@gmail.com as well. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the books! Sincerely, John Lasheras