Open Cages is a farm animal protection organization founded in 2012 in Poland. It started as a small group of several activists but has grown to twelve local groups across the country and has hundreds of members and volunteers involved. We want to change the situation of farm animals by utilizing proven strategies and tactics, as well as being open to new ones. There are more and more positive changes for animals taking place in Western European countries. However, we can't forget that factory farming is moving to the East. Animal cruelty knows no borders and we need to work internationally. For these reasons, we’ve decided that Open Cages needs to become an international organization that will bring the problem of factory farming in Eastern Europe to light. To work better against animal abuse we’ve joined forces with Lithuanian organization Tušti narvai. As organizations with many successes we can share experiences, learn from each other and together stand against powerful opponents who possess money and influence. To support us you can donate here: http://www.otwarteklatki.pl/donate/