Born in Plaistow, East London, Paul began a remarkable journey. He was educated at an inner London school, but having undiagnosed dyslexia, struggled at school and eventually left without completing any of the exams.After leaving school he worked within the baking industry and always dreamt of a lifestyle he knew he could and one day would attain. When Paul reached the age of 23 he realised he had lived longer than his mother had. This realisation had a profound effect as he made a decision never to accept mediocrity and to live every day to the full. Having bought a property at this stage in his life Paul took a gamble that was to change the direction and has shaped his life beyond his dreams. He managed to "hustle" his way into estate agency. Here he was in his element and flourished, working his way up to manager and eventually being considered for an area position. Paul's people skills came through and while working he met some of what he calls his inner circle of friends - the ones you can count on one hand. Little did he know one of those friends would become so influential to the point they are still doing partnership deals today. With the pressures of divorce and the big dream of freedom, Paul became frustrated at the restrictions of working for other people and made the decision to go it alone. He left estate agency to pursue a career as an acquisition agent with a distinguished list of clients. Then on one fateful day the partnership that became the foundation of Paul's illustrious dealing career was formed. Together they have done many hundreds of transactions, making huge profits as well as some losses. Paul's philosophy still shines through; nothing is beyond any human being; you just have to want it bad enough and remember you're in the people business and never forget it.Having a great understanding of people and their needs, Paul then met Simon Zutshi who encouraged Paul to share his knowledge. So Paul embarked on a speaking tour for Simon's Property Investors Network (PIN). Paul's no-nonsense style was well received and he became in great demand. In his seminars Paul now teaches hundreds of clients how to find profitable properties via the open market. The basis of his philosophy is still about understanding people.