Raymond McCullough – from Co. Down, near Belfast, Northern Ireland – has been a professional writer for more than twenty five years, beginning with technical articles and reports for several UK magazines. From 1990-96 he published an Irish Christian magazine, 'Bread', with his first book, 'Ireland – now the good news!' in 1995 (Kindle edition, May 2012). He has also had articles published in The Irish Times, Dublin, and the Presbyterian Herald, Belfast.  In 1993 he hosted a radio show, 'In tha Name a' Gawd!' on 96.7 BCR, in Belfast, which later developed into his current satellite radio show of music, news and faith-based interviews – broadcasting around the world on several satellite networks.  From 1996-2003 he led a cell-based Christian fellowship in the Belfast area – also producing two albums of Celtic music, 'Into Jerusalem' (2005) and 'Different' (2008). In 2008, he began 'Celtic Roots Radio' – a 30-minute show of Celtic and roots music, now broadcasting on satellite, webcast and iTunes podcast to more than 100 countries around the world. In April 2009 he also set up a 24/7 'Celtic Roots Radio' web station on Live365.  His 'Kingdom Come Trust' website (kingdomcome.org.uk) has 100s of enthusiastic emails from radio listeners in US, Canada and Caribbean countries.   Raymond researched the subjects in 'The Whore and her Mother' (also available in AudioBook edition) for about forty years, off and on, but the events of 9/11 brought a new focus to his research and a real sense of increasing urgency encouraged him to complete the book in just four months! In October 2011 he published the craic from his Celtic Roots Radio scripts as, A Wee Taste a' Craic, and is working on a TV documentary, filmed mainly in Canada, entitled, Broken Treaties. Raymond's second book on bible prophecy, 'Oh What Rapture!' is available on Amazon and other outlets and his latest novel, 'In Six Hours ... the world changed'  – the first book of an apocalyptic thriller series – is now available.