Richard Milner is an author who loves tackling challenging and disturbing topics through allegory and myth. He is a writing consultant, a former English teacher, and a narrative designer in the video game industry. He is also the creator and moderator of Sit Down, Shut Up & Write (Orange County), a productivity-focused writer’s group on meetup.com. Richard thrives on fringe and speculative subject matter, and takes strong influence from music and visual arts. With a background in Psychology, he finds particular joy in merging character-driven stories with elements of genre fiction, especially within an arcane or metaphysical context. His work has been described variously as “vivid,” “beautiful,” and “crushingly honest.” He currently lives in southern California with his uncommonly patient wife, his distressingly cute cat, and his jarringly energetic dog. Soup and coffee, he asserts, are among mankind’s greatest accomplishments. Machu Picchu is his next travel destination.