Shirley Crichton is a gifted and well-respected coach and mentor, a specialist in helping people to live happier, more positive and successful lives, whatever their circumstances. For over twenty years she has developed her own model, which is now a synthesis of positive thinking, NLP, psychology, metaphysics, energy work and spiritual teachings, with healthy doses of common sense and humour thrown in. Shirley is passionate about encouraging and inspiring clients from all walks of life to see beyond their own story, their own perceived limitations, to expand their awareness and get the bigger picture of who they really are and can be in this life. She has helped and influenced many thousands of people and loves witnessing them letting their genies out and discovering that they really can start living the life of their dreams. Living in a beautiful Northamptonshire village, Shirley works with clients face-to-face, by telephone or by Skype, interspersed with walking, gardening, learning from her grandchildren and exploring the wider world, wherever her curiosity takes her.stress healthily and to effectively cope with the ever increasing emotional and psychological demands of teaching. Kathryn’s mission is to reduce stress in schools and promote well being.