We create electronic books enhanced with their human narration. Each word in the text gets highlighted as it is spoken. Our eBooks allow for a multi-sensorial experience, where the reader gets inmersed into the story. Also, if you are reading a book in a language you are not familiar with, the combination of audio and text will allow you to always know what words are being spoken, which will increase your comprehension, listenning and pronuntiation skills.  Furthermore, these eBooks have also been proven to help people with dyslexia read much better and faster! Give it a try!  Don't find the eBook you like? check the eBooks catalog in our website for more read-aloud titles. To be able to read and listen to pur eBooks you can use one of the following apps: Ibooks or Gitden in IOS, Kobo reader on Android and Readium Extension for Google Chrome. Please send us feedback by filling out our questionnaire at www.sinkronigo.com/questionnaire.